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Technology behind Hsuite

An innovative & solid technology to change the world.

The team has successfully built a Smart-Contract-Less engine that allows you to interact with the Network functionalities Signature-Less, by just sending Hedera Tokens to the relative Account IDs. Those Accounts are monitored by the Operator Engines, which are programmed to look at the Hedera Network Associated Transactions and act according to the customized needs. This method bypasses all the Smart-Contract limitations and allows to create infinitely-scalable DeFi solutions in a trusted and decentralized manner.


Technology Stacks


NestJS is a framework for building efficient and scalable Node.js server-side applications built with and fully supporting TypeScript.

Hedera SDKs (Javascript)

Hedera offers Software Development Kits to facilitate the interaction between server-side applications and the Hedera Network.

Docker Container

A container is a standard unit of software that packages up code and all its dependencies so the application runs quickly and reliably from one computing environment to another.


Create your own DeFi Protocol

HbarSuite will allow you to build your own fungible token with many custom functionalities. No programming skills needed.

Run your own node

Apply to be White-listed, become a HSUITE Node Validator and get rewarded for it.

Launch your own Token Pre-Sale

Do you have a great project idea but you are missing funds to kickstart it? Present it to the Community and see if they would like it!

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