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Global Vision


Our vision resembles a world where anybody is able to use our censorship-resistant platform, with no prohibitive network costs, no geo-restrictions, a few seconds to finality and very easy to manage compared to many other counterparts.

In a technological world mostly ruled by a state of Technocracy, many people are noticing the necessity of having access to financial alternatives that are decentralized, cheap and Privacy-Friendly. Most of the current DeFi platforms available today are based on Ethereum Virtual Machine, which has a minimum amount of gas fee that may be costly and prohibitive for lower income individuals to access, or not worth the risk for the more newbies/conservatives in the space.

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Hsuite Goals

Ease of Accessibility in the world of Decentralized Finance is a MUST, to be able to achieve Mass-Adoption of usage, including those who may not be quite familiar with Cryptocurrency technology in general. HbarSuite will provide extended Accessibility in order to have the regular folk wish to join our Network.

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